The Sixer scores it’s first win!

Brayden was unable to race this past weekend due to a shoulder injury, so Jesse walked up to Bryan (owner of the 32) at the start of the night with a helmet and asked if he wanted to race the sixer. He said yes, then proceeded to win his heat race! Then the guy starts outside pole of the feature, loses brakes on lap one, and proceeds to lead over half the feature using the hand operated E Brake! He brought the car home 4th, and looked like Dick Trickle doing it!

Jesse’s night in the ME Motorsports #32 car went very well, he also picked up a heat race win, then led nearly half of the first feature before a caution flew. Did our best to hold off the hounds but settled for a 5th place finish behind some of the best around. Started 12th and finished 9th in the second feature. Looking forward to some long races to finish the year out with the 32. Cars got great balance on the long haul.
Drew raced his second Big 8 Series race on Friday night at Madison, he way outdid our expectations for the night, qualifying 14th of 28 cars, performed well in the heat race and started the feature 3rd! He would get shuffled out quickly as he wasn’t completely comfortable on the bottom to begin the race, settled in and was running at the tail of the lead group when he made contact with the outside wall off of 4, came off the wall, collected another and Drew went spinning across the track. Ended up pulling off the track with a bit too much damage and a 17th place finish.
All in all it was a fun weekend and all drivers had fun, but nobody had as much fun as the Living Legend did. That was awesome.
Thanks again this week to Quade Trucking of Randolph! Can’t make these memories without your help!

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